Nigeria Mirrors a Land Of Violence than Motherland – Archbishop Onuoha

The Anglican Archbishop of Owerri Ecclesiastical Province, Most Rev. David Onuoha, has expressed deep concern that the current state of Nigeria more closely resembles a land consumed by violence and destruction, rather than a nurturing motherland. Archbishop Onuoha expressed his profound concern for the current state of Nigeria in a 117-page presidential address he delivered […]

Anglican Bishop charges on 2023 elections

Most Rev. Tunde Adeleye

Most Rev. Tunde Adeleye, the former Archbishop of Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity (Anglican Communion) Diocese of Calabar, has challenged Nigerians to ensure that the 2023 elections produce leaders that would be willing to restructure Nigeria. The clergy said this in Calabar at the colloquium organised in his honour by the Bishop of Diocese […]