The Benefits Of Audacious Praise In Perfect Jubilee

Pastor Toyin Olugbemi,

By Toyin Olugbemi, PhD Praise is a powerful tool in the hands of the believer because it is an offering that the Lord cherishes when acceptably offered from a broken spirit- from a broken and a contrite heart that the Lord will not despise (Psalm 51:17). It is therefore wisdom for one to make praising […]

Audacious Faith: What It Means

Pastor Toyin Olugbemi

By Toyin Olugbemi, Ph.D. Audacious faith is faith that is solid, daring, persistent and not swayed by difficulty, hardship, trying circumstances or open danger. It is a tenacious faith that holds on in spite of highly challenging factors, impossible demands, intimidating threats, contrary developments, dangerous situations and opposing forces. The faith of Jacob with the […]