Are You A True Christian?: Memory lane by Pastor E. A. Adeboye

I will tell you one story; one very important chief somewhere in this state was sick and his friend, very close friend of his came to me and said please, he is a very good man; he has built a church for the town, he has done this, he has done that come and pray […]

Promoting Christian Family Values

The Christian family values are strong beliefs, morals and cultures guiding each member of a Christian family which are upheld and serve as guiding principles in their daily affairs. These values may differ from family to family and its recognized by them. It shapes the perception and general conduct of every individual in that family […]

Christian student fellowships impact in Nigeria higher institutions


King Solomon charged youths to create and maintain a close relationship with God, the creator in Eccl. 12:1. It is very important for one to ensure that youths are lead through the ways of God considering the current happenings. Recalled that a 20-year-old Moses Oko, was arrested earlier in January by the police for allegedly […]