Testimony: Deliverance from cancer of the jaw bone

Praise Master Jesus! I’ve come to return all glory to the Almighty God for what He alone did in my life. I was diagnosed of cancer of the jaw bone. In 2001, when the doctor told me about the implication of the surgery, I ran away. Last year our Daddy in the Lord came to […]

Testimony: Delivered from spirit of insanity

I just want to share the testimony to the glory of God because in 1991, I got born again in a very close-by Redeemed parish. In 1992, I was taken to a very large river and as I was coming out of the river, heaven opened and I heard the voice saying, “thus sayeth the […]

Testimony: Healing, Deliverance and Safe Delivery

My testimony is that the Lord saved me and kept my baby alive. While I was pregnant, sometime in February, that day I was at home with my husband and I started seeing blood in my nose, and I wondered what was responsible. I called my gynecologist and he told me probably it was the […]