Divine restoration of my husband’s memory

In 2012 when we had this same programme (Annual Convention), I came here asking God for the fruit of the womb. In 2013, I got pregnant and gave birth to my daughter Fiyinfooluwa. My daughter was a year and six months old when my husband became sick. He lost his memory suddenly; he couldn’t remember […]

How God backed up my enthronement as king

I have come to appreciate God for saving my soul and for adding to me and my daughter this month and more importantly, to tell God’s people about the wonderful story of my enthronement. When there was vacancy on our stool, they listed some criteria and some elders contacted that I’m qualified. Shortly after that, […]

Divine Revelation On My Timely Marriage

In 2019 I was here for the year’s Convention. On Friday, a man who sat beside me just looked at me and said sister, when are you getting married? I told him I’m sorry I never came here because of marriage; I needed a job. He said, “God said I should tell you it is […]

Divine Healing Of Growth In The Eye

I want to give this testimony to the glory of God and to say thank you to Daddy G.O for not hiding the truth of the word from us. In 2014, I just discovered that I had a growth in my eye and within that period, I became so scared as the growth kept on […]

Divine Restoration of Paralysed Leg

I came to this place (The Redemption Camp) to testify to the glory of God. Few months ago, I went to a programme and something happened to me. I lost one of my legs that I could not walk again. My people decided to take me to hospital. I thank God the anointing oil that […]

Divine Visitation, As Adeboye Dedicates 4 Buildings in RCCG Anambra Province 2

Pastor E. A. Adeboye dedicating new parishes at RCCG Anambra Province 2

It was a dream come true for worshipers of Anambra Province 2 in Anambra State, when the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E. A Adeboye dedicated four Ultra-modern buildings to the glory of God. Indeed, the worshipers who were in their thousands sang, danced and lifted Holy hands to God, […]

Damaged Vocal Cord Divinely Healed

It happened last year when I was in Britain. In May, I discovered that I could not breathe again through this neck, so they rushed me to the hospital. At the hospital I was told to come back for surgery in October. In the morning after the surgery, I discovered I could not speak again. […]

From Divine Healing To Divine Health

Divine health

Healing is for the sick and feeble. God, in his infinite mercy, does not want you to live your life afflicted by any ailment or disease.“I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.” 3 John 1:2. From this scripture, […]

Locating your divine helpers

For anyone to get ahead in life, help is important and sacrosanct. No human is an island on its own neither is any human self-sufficient to lead a life devoid of assistance. In life, there must be a Jonathan for a David to survive tribulation and become a king; there must be a cupbearer that […]