Divine Full Restoration After Partial Stroke Experience

I lecture at Lagos State University. In 2022, one Monday morning when we were doing our prayer meeting in the school, I just discovered that I couldn’t talk again. In the night of that day, I was rushed to the hospital. I lost my right hand, my right leg as well. For about 2 days […]

Divine Restoration Of My Sight, Two Years After Blindness

I’m that woman that was blind for 2 years, both eyes went completely blind that I was indoor. The challenge started in 2011. So, last year, precisely during the youth convention, the Lord visited me with an instruction and by November during the Holy Ghost service, the Lord did it through Daddy G. O. By […]

Divine Promotion After Several Years At A Spot

During December Congress 2022, our daddy in the Lord prayed on handkerchief for us and asked us to pray very hard on that particular day. It’s over 13 years I got promoted in my place of work. In March 2023, I was promoted. Secondly, last year December, I had a nagging headache that lasted for […]

Safety from Auto-fire Accident and Divine Healing

Recently, after the Holy Ghost service, I boarded a commercial shuttle, an 18-seater bus down to the old auditorium. On our way, those at the front started shouting ‘fire, fire’, that the bus was on fire. So, a group of ushers saw us and ran after the bus. I was one of those that were […]

Divine Healing Of Ulcer Ailment

In year 2020, I was diagnosed of ulcer. I did several tests and took lots of medications but it seemed the medications were ineffective. So, they increased the number of medications I was taking and these were so expensive. So last year convention, I arrived on Sunday evening to the Redemption City, then on Monday […]

Divine Restoration of Injured Eye after Fatal Auto Accident

I’ve come to give God all the thanks for His hands of deliverance over my life. This time last year, I had a very fatal accident. I was with my husband and my baby in a tricycle when suddenly a trailer hit the tricycle and we had several somersaults. At a point when the tricycle […]

Divine restoration of my husband’s memory

In 2012 when we had this same programme (Annual Convention), I came here asking God for the fruit of the womb. In 2013, I got pregnant and gave birth to my daughter Fiyinfooluwa. My daughter was a year and six months old when my husband became sick. He lost his memory suddenly; he couldn’t remember […]

How God backed up my enthronement as king

I have come to appreciate God for saving my soul and for adding to me and my daughter this month and more importantly, to tell God’s people about the wonderful story of my enthronement. When there was vacancy on our stool, they listed some criteria and some elders contacted that I’m qualified. Shortly after that, […]

Divine Revelation On My Timely Marriage

In 2019 I was here for the year’s Convention. On Friday, a man who sat beside me just looked at me and said sister, when are you getting married? I told him I’m sorry I never came here because of marriage; I needed a job. He said, “God said I should tell you it is […]

Divine Healing Of Growth In The Eye

I want to give this testimony to the glory of God and to say thank you to Daddy G.O for not hiding the truth of the word from us. In 2014, I just discovered that I had a growth in my eye and within that period, I became so scared as the growth kept on […]