The Balanced Accountant – Part 1 

Pastor J. A. Adeyokunnu

By Pastor J. A. Adeyokunnu A Balanced Accountant is one with work ethics that is based on moral virtues of hard work, diligence, professionalism and skills. It also includes being reliable, having initiative or maintaining social skills. Being balanced is not only about how one does his job or responsibilities, it also involves attitude, behaviour, […]

Ethical Issues Facing The Accounting Profession – Part 2

Pastor J. A. Adeyokunnu

By Pastor J. A. Adeyokunnu Punishment For Violating Professional Ethics When accountants break these ethical codes or they’re accused of breaking them, they’re subjected to investigation and review by the authority. The review process is much like a trial; the facts discovered by the investigation during the hearings help authority to mete out appropriate punishment. […]

Ministerial Ethics And Responsibilities

As it is with every professional endeavour, the Christian vocation is one that is guided by strict ethics as laid down by the Holy Bible. As a vocation instituted by and devoted to a perfect God, all that proceeds from its practioners must be nothing short of perfection. “Be ye therefore perfect, as your heavenly […]