God remembered us with quadruplets after eleven years of waiting

We have come to show what it takes to have beyond expectations. We got married in 2012. Like every other couple, we were expecting the fruit of the womb. But 10 years down the line nothing was happening. In 2020, my School of Disciples’ Coordinator told me about A Day Out With God Of Daddy […]

God remembered us with triplets after several years gap to our first baby

We are here to return all glory to the God of Daddy Adeboye for what he has done in our lives. Two years after our wedding, God gave us Oluwafayokunumi Akiode and since then, we’ve been trusting on God for the fruit of the womb. Last year during the Special Holy Ghost service in March, […]

Fruit of the womb after God ended my waiting period

Last year during the convention, Daddy said those who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb should be laid hands on but I was at the children’s auditorium so I couldn’t come out. I was just weeping in my office and I said God, you know I need this but just touch me […]