Cyber bullying Effect on Mental Health

By Abimbola Ologun In a world where technology has come to stay and also become part of daily lives, a darker side of the digital world has emerged. Cyber bullying, the act of harassing, threatening or humiliating someone through electronic means, is a growing problem and is becoming a cankerworm that is eating deep into […]

How God Guides Us And Guards Us – Part 3 By Pastor J. F. Odesola

Pastor J. F. Odesola

This point is, of course, that whereas the horse is charging to be off a long run, the mule is very slow. We are like either the horse or he mule! But the Lord wants to change all that and bring our lives under His gracious ordering control. This is what gives pleasure to Him. […]

How God Guides Us And Guards Us – Part 2 By Pastor Johnson Odesola

J. F. Odesola

It is tragic to look around today and see so many disordered lives. When I was thinking about this, I remembered Bishop Handley Moule’s hymn, two verses of which read as follows. Alas, ill-ordered shows the dreary room; The house hold stuff lies heaped amidst the gloom; The table empty stands, the couch undresses; Ah, […]