How God Revived A Dying Man

On the 25th of January, during a 50-day fasting and prayer, I was going to the church for evening prayer meeting and as I alighted at the bus-stop, I saw a group of people shouting help; by the time I got there, I saw a man lying down lifeless. I managed myself to get into […]

Divine Full Restoration After Partial Stroke Experience

I lecture at Lagos State University. In 2022, one Monday morning when we were doing our prayer meeting in the school, I just discovered that I couldn’t talk again. In the night of that day, I was rushed to the hospital. I lost my right hand, my right leg as well. For about 2 days […]

How God Revived An Elder Who Passed Out During Church Service

On a Sunday morning, we were in Sunday school session and all of a sudden what I heard from the Sunday school teacher was a scream, ‘mama is going’. Before we could carry mama, mama has gone right in the church and pandemonium broke up. Mama who is one of our elders was right on […]

Divine Restoration Of My Sight, Two Years After Blindness

I’m that woman that was blind for 2 years, both eyes went completely blind that I was indoor. The challenge started in 2011. So, last year, precisely during the youth convention, the Lord visited me with an instruction and by November during the Holy Ghost service, the Lord did it through Daddy G. O. By […]

Mind Over Matter By Wale Adeduro 

I started my treatment proper in 2021. My doctors didn’t mince words at all. They said between the time I’d have had the surgery and completed my treatments, I should expect to spend not less than 50 million naira. They were right because now, a year later, I’ve spent more than their projected amount on […]

Healing Of Breast Ailment

Four years ago, I woke up on a Sunday morning to prepare for church then, I noticed that blood was coming out from my breast. I went to pharmacy when I came back from church. I was given antibiotics and the next day I went to the hospital to complain. I did so many tests. […]

Divine Healing Of Ulcer Ailment

In year 2020, I was diagnosed of ulcer. I did several tests and took lots of medications but it seemed the medications were ineffective. So, they increased the number of medications I was taking and these were so expensive. So last year convention, I arrived on Sunday evening to the Redemption City, then on Monday […]

Test Of Faith – Part 3 By Wale Adeduro

I was given paracetamol tablets to numb my pain but it wasn’t doing much. They decided to give me the injection version of the tablet and I vomited almost immediately it was given to me. I went home that day thinking everything was alright. But I was wrong. Before I went for the procedure, I […]

Healing Of Growth In My Armpit

Since 2013, I’ve been having this swelling in my armpit. To God be the glory, on the second day of December Holy Ghost Congress, as I was walking in to sit down, the word of God through Daddy G.O located me. He said that there is somebody here, you are having a kind of growth […]

Testimony: Breast Cancer Healed

In November, 2021, while on the camp ground here, I found a lump on my breast. By June 2023, I was diagnosed of breast cancer stage 2. The doctors told me that I was going to have immediate surgery and eight sections of chemotherapy. But this time last year I tuned in to the Communion […]