Test Of Faith – Part 3 By Wale Adeduro

I was given paracetamol tablets to numb my pain but it wasn’t doing much. They decided to give me the injection version of the tablet and I vomited almost immediately it was given to me. I went home that day thinking everything was alright. But I was wrong. Before I went for the procedure, I […]

Healing Of Growth In My Armpit

Since 2013, I’ve been having this swelling in my armpit. To God be the glory, on the second day of December Holy Ghost Congress, as I was walking in to sit down, the word of God through Daddy G.O located me. He said that there is somebody here, you are having a kind of growth […]

Testimony: Breast Cancer Healed

In November, 2021, while on the camp ground here, I found a lump on my breast. By June 2023, I was diagnosed of breast cancer stage 2. The doctors told me that I was going to have immediate surgery and eight sections of chemotherapy. But this time last year I tuned in to the Communion […]

Growth On My Private Part Disappeared

Few weeks back, I noticed I had a growth on my penis. I prayed with my wife and anointed the spot. But yesterday while Daddy G. O was speaking, he said he once had a growth in his ear and he said, “there is somebody here, every growth in your body is gone”. By the […]

How God Healed My Son of Strange Sickness

I want to give this testimony to the glory to God. Last year my son was meant to relocate to United States of America to study but suddenly within the week he would be travelling, the enemy struck him with a terrible sickness. I didn’t have visa to go with him but I came to […]

How God Healed My Brother Of Cancer Of The Tongue

Early last year, one of my brothers was diagnosed of cancer of the tongue. He couldn’t eat for several months. We went to several hospitals but to no avail. We decided to take him abroad, the doctor said we had to cut off his tongue but to the glory of God we were privileged to […]

Testimony: Severe Backache Healed

I came to return all glory back to God this evening for divine healing yesterday. As the service was going on, Daddy said there is someone here, before you wake up this morning you’ll discover you’re healed. I was having a backache that night but as I woke up this morning, I discovered that all […]

Divine Healing After Making Restitution

Sometime last year, I began to feel a growth and enlargement at the back side of my head and it was painful. At a point I couldn’t turn my head sideways or lay straight on my back, and I began to seek God’s solution to it during the Holy Ghost Service. At the anointing service, […]

How God Healed My Elder Brother Of Stroke

On Saturday of the 2023 Convention, I got a call in the evening that my senior brother here couldn’t lift up his right hand and right leg which was referred to as stroke. I was disturbed in my spirit, so after the thanksgiving service on Sunday, I took the anointed handkerchief and went to his […]

Preparing To Weather The Storm – Part 1 By Wale Adeduro

God’s promise of sustenance came through in form of various divine provision from people I had no idea help was going to come from. One Tuesday morning, I was preparing to go to the hospital for my scheduled dialysis session. I didn’t have enough money to cover all the anticipated expenses for the day. My […]