Test Of Faith – Part 3 By Wale Adeduro

I was given paracetamol tablets to numb my pain but it wasn’t doing much. They decided to give me the injection version of the tablet and I vomited almost immediately it was given to me. I went home that day thinking everything was alright. But I was wrong. Before I went for the procedure, I […]

Health: Overcoming Anxiety And Insomnia – Part 3

The categories and types are broken down as follows: Additionally, there are different forms of insomnia that a person may struggle with, including the following: Effects of Insomnia Sleep is an essential function that the body needs in order to recuperate, heal, and maintain energy. If you’re struggling to get sleep due to anxiety, insomnia, […]

Overcoming Depression on Your Body – Part 2

Depression can cause a lot of symptoms within the central nervous system, many of which are easy to dismiss or ignore. Older adults may also have difficulty identifying cognitive changes because it’s easy to dismiss the signs of depression as related to “aging.” According to the American Psychological Association, older adults with depression have more […]

Overcoming Depression on Your Body – Part 1

Depression is technically a mental disorder but also affects your physical health. It may impact everything from your heart, kidney, nervous system, and immune system health. Depression can also involve other changes in mood or behavior that include: • Increased anger or irritability • Feeling restless or on edge • Becoming withdrawn, negative, or detached […]

RCCG Pastor Launches Health Foundation To Cater For The Elderly

By Olusegun Obisanya As part of the effort toward caring for the aged in rural communities, IleraF’AGBA Foundation (healthcare for the elderly) has been launched recently at RCCG, Strong Tower Sanctuary, Province 19, Lagos. The event, which coincided with the founder, Samson Oyenekan’s 40th birthday, was witnessed by some of church’s leaders, members and friends […]

Health: When you are urinating more at night

Normally, the amount of urine your body produces decreases at night. This allows most people to sleep 6 to 8 hours without having to urinate. Some people wake up from sleep more often to urinate during the night. This can disrupt sleep cycles. Causes: Drinking too much fluid during the evening can cause you to […]

From Divine Healing To Divine Health

Divine health

Healing is for the sick and feeble. God, in his infinite mercy, does not want you to live your life afflicted by any ailment or disease.“I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.” 3 John 1:2. From this scripture, […]