Divine Healing After Conversion To Christianity

God called me to Christianity and when I became a Christian, I faced a lot of challenges but God’s infinite mercy delivered me. I’m supposed to have stepped out some time ago to testify of God’s goodness, my mind has not been at rest so I decided to step out today to testify. I’m grateful […]

Religion And Politics In Nigeria – Part 1

Bosun Obafemi

By Bosun Obafemi Religion is a way of life and worship of a supreme being. This has to do with the belief in worshipping and praying to a superhuman controlling supernatural power. There are five notable big religions among several thousands in the world having millions of adherents. These include: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and […]

Religious Tolerance In Nigeria

Inter-religious dialogue

Nigeria is at the moment becoming a shadow of itself. The tension in the air all across the country is palpable. This tension is fuelled by religious crisis that is avoidable. Religious crisis and non-state actors are taking advantage of this crack in the country to foment terrorism in different parts of the country. On […]