Mind Over Matter By Wale Adeduro 

I started my treatment proper in 2021. My doctors didn’t mince words at all. They said between the time I’d have had the surgery and completed my treatments, I should expect to spend not less than 50 million naira. They were right because now, a year later, I’ve spent more than their projected amount on […]

Test Of Faith – Part 2 By Pastor Wale Adeduro 

Everything that happened next was a blur. My mother pushed me out of the way and ran to gather Siji’s broken legs in her arms. She turned around in the same breath and ran out of our cramped compound. I was at her heels when she hailed down the nearest taxi and screamed at the […]

Test Of Faith – Part 1 By Pastor Wale Adeduro

I took away with me a major lesson from my meeting with Daddy G.O. during my 31st December, 2020, meeting with him. I was convinced that God wanted me to let go of worrying. This, I believed, included having to worry so much about my “business” and career. I needed to focus more on the […]

Divine Restoration Of Kidney Failure Through Holy Communion Meal

When I was diagnosed of kidney failure in December, the doctor said I have to start dialysis immediately, that my EGFR has gone so bad to 20%. So, I called my wife, this is what the doctor said. She said I should not worry that that is their own report. She then wrote a letter […]

Preparing To Weather The Storm – Part 1 By Wale Adeduro

God’s promise of sustenance came through in form of various divine provision from people I had no idea help was going to come from. One Tuesday morning, I was preparing to go to the hospital for my scheduled dialysis session. I didn’t have enough money to cover all the anticipated expenses for the day. My […]

A Dying Field – Part 3 By Pastor Wale Adeduro

My doctors didn’t hide words from me. They told me my condition will cost me millions of naira. It was to be expected. Having good health for free is a privilege you can only appreciate when you get told that even people with millions of naira need more than their millions to survive. You could […]

A Dying Field – Part 2 By Pastor Wale Adeduro

There were two young men who constantly visited my home during this period. While I imposed the “no facemask, no entry” rule on my house, these boys assured me that they were also adhering to it in public. However, I have had cause to spy them through a window in my house just putting on […]

A Strange Affliction – Part 4 By Pastor Wale Adeduro

Vain is the help of a man who has not been inspired to help you. Fix your gaze on God. You must ensure that you let go of disappointments, hurts and bitterness. There were lots of “discouragers” but I stayed firm in my faith. I was not going to lose my life to kidney failure. […]

A Strange Affliction – Part 3 By: Pastor Wale Adeduro

I was quiet that day as I made my way from the hospital home. I was considering the implications of the information the doctor had just dropped on my laps like hot coal. My kidneys were failing? Lots of things went through my mind at that point. From the little I knew, one needs lots […]