Destiny Under Attack – Part 2 By Pastor Bosun Obafemi

At this point, his pride came down. He prostrated, begged, and asked me to forgive him. It was when one of the pastors who invited him to the convention came to the police station that we got to know that he was brought to the camp for prayer over uncontrolled anger and pride. This, according […]

Live Your Life By Pastor Malachi Folorunsho

The best gift you have is the gift of life. This is the gift you got before you became aware of yourself. It is complex to give an accurate definition of life. Those who can define life accurately are those who have no life in them again. Anyways, instead of looking for the definition of […]

Life After Death – Part 2 By Pastor Bosun Obafemi

We need to be conscious of how we spend our lifetime, because we are going to give account of our stewardship to God one day and it could be very soon. “And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.” Revelation 22:12. Time […]

“GO”: See you at the top series with Malachi Timothy Folorunsho

In the previous episode of “See You At The Top” we discussed “Get Set” as the second command to athletes. In this episode, we want to discuss “Go”. This is the last command to athletes. It is a call for action in the right direction. It is a command that will determine whether an athlete […]

Life After Death – Part 1 By Bosun Obafemi

Death is the terminal point of every human being and all living things on earth. It is an end to life here on earth for every human being. It is the mark of separation of the spirit from the body and soul. It is an end to human travails on earth. It is an end […]

Life Inspiration By Bosun Obafemi

Everyone in this world is driven by ambition, be it a good or wicked one. The scope of this ambition could be for temporary or long-term purpose. Most of the time, aspiration is propelled by inspiration. Inspiration is that person, thing, occasion or a place that motivates or encourages you to pursue certain goals or […]

GET SET By Malachi Timothy Folorunsho

In the previous episode, our discussion was based on “on your mark” which is usually the first command for a runner. The second command is “get set.” “Get set” could mean a warning that the race is about to start. It comes in-between “on your mark” and “go”. It is a command that must be […]

Life, Two Sides of a Coin – Part 2 By Bosun Obafemi

Still on the acronym of the best way to help others (GASTFOD) in continuation from last edition: 3. Sharing knowledge: Simply share your knowledge. You can educate someone about your area of expertise. 4. Time sacrifice: Time is valuable and most people understand that. When you take time out of your day to help a […]

On Your Mark By Malachi Timothy

There is nothing in life that does not have a starting point. “On your mark” is a command from an umpire to the athlete; who is your umpire? Sometimes we act as umpires and sometimes as athletes. Our focus in this series is athletes. An athlete doesn’t give command to himself; he takes command from […]

Testimony: Siege of barrenness over in my life

I married in 2002 and since then, I have been trusting God for the fruit of the womb. Two years ago I came to the program themed “The Siege is Over” and I asked God let this siege of barrenness be over in my life. I’ve been praying. I came in March; my birthday month […]