If You Change Your Mind…By ChinyereDistinguished Chimezie

Last week, Meilleur and I scheduled to have a date night on Friday. It was my idea, and he agreed to it wholeheartedly. So, I looked forward to it. Friday morning dawned bright and beautiful and I excitedly got up to carry out my chores for the day, so I’d be rested and ready to […]

Where Are You? By Malachi Timothy

Location is a vital concept worthy of careful consideration for TOP oriented people. It is commonly said, “Your location determines your allocation.” There are elements of truth in this saying. Most opportunities come unannounced; what determines the beneficiary is simply the location. Where are you? This is a simple question God asked Pa Adam in […]

Marital Life Lubricant – Part 1 By Bosun Obafemi

The starting point for marriage is relationship: a man and a woman meet, directly or by proxy, to express their love to and for each other. Marriage is the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law. More importantly, […]

Purposeful Dating:  To Ask or Not To Ask? By ChinyereDistinguished Chimezie

One of the most frequent questions that I’ve been asked by ladies in a relationship is: “Is it okay to ask a guy that I am in a relationship with, where our relationships is headed?” My response is another question: “How much longer do you want to be uncertain about the future of a supposed […]