Your Deposit Determines Your Withdrawal

By Pastor Ola Adejubee Text: Psalm 56:8-11 Today, we are focusing on a principle that will change our spiritual life. When a young lad has just graduated and started working and you counsel him to put aside a significant portion of his income in a savings programme to be able to take care of challenging […]

Ordination That Enhances Spiritual Growth

Ordination of ministers

To be ordained literally could be seen as having been decreed, appointed or formally established by some authority. To be ordained by God as a minister is being made ready to take over the mantle of leadership that comes from service in the vineyard of God to pasturing God’s people as shepherd to the flock […]

Osinbajo: A torch bearer in governance and spiritual space

Pastor Yemi Osinbajo

At the 2017 Biannual Conference of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, the then President of the fellowship Bishop Felix Omobude challenged Christians to show interest  and be abreast of the political happenings in the country. He also called on church leaders to encourage their members to have interest in politics and be card-carry member of […]