A Strange Affliction – Part 4 By Pastor Wale Adeduro

Vain is the help of a man who has not been inspired to help you. Fix your gaze on God. You must ensure that you let go of disappointments, hurts and bitterness. There were lots of “discouragers” but I stayed firm in my faith. I was not going to lose my life to kidney failure. […]

Strange Feeling in My Tummy Turned Out to be False Alarm

I have come to pay my vow to God. During the 2015 December Holy Ghost Congress, Daddy G.O made a decree that, ‘somebody is here, the Lord said I should tell you, it is a false alarm’. Meanwhile, in that 2015, I was having a strange feeling in my tummy. I went to the hospital […]

A Strange Affliction – Part 2 By Pastor Wale Adeduro

The confusion on the immigration officer’s face faded when he observed the mirth on my face. We both shared a laugh. I was fascinated by the diamond stud I saw on one of his teeth as he smiled. I was joking, even though I was being truthful. I had planned to do nothing else on […]

A Strange Affliction – Part 1 By Wale Adeduro

Life has thrown numerous curveball at me; all designed to terminate my life, but God’s sustaining grace pulls me through. Every time. The latest one was what someone had told me was a “journey of no return.” I heard these words from four different people who I held in high esteem. It was disconcerting to […]

Healed of strange disease

Deacon Adesanya Folusho

About three years now, I have a chronic disease and have spent a lot of money on tests without result. Then I told my wife I need to go to Open Heavens House in camp trusting God for healing. I came there and was granted access to daddy’s room to pray and I told God […]