Growth On My Private Part Disappeared

Few weeks back, I noticed I had a growth on my penis. I prayed with my wife and anointed the spot. But yesterday while Daddy G. O was speaking, he said he once had a growth in his ear and he said, “there is somebody here, every growth in your body is gone”. By the […]

Snare of 18-Year Barrenness Broken

We thank God for the salvation of our souls. We have come to return all glory to God for the marvellous thing He has done. We got married 2005 and we have been waiting, trusting, going from one hospital to another but to no avail. In 2021, Daddy G.O mentioned that the next convention will […]

Divine Healing After Making Restitution

Sometime last year, I began to feel a growth and enlargement at the back side of my head and it was painful. At a point I couldn’t turn my head sideways or lay straight on my back, and I began to seek God’s solution to it during the Holy Ghost Service. At the anointing service, […]

Preparing To Weather The Storm – Part 1 By Wale Adeduro

God’s promise of sustenance came through in form of various divine provision from people I had no idea help was going to come from. One Tuesday morning, I was preparing to go to the hospital for my scheduled dialysis session. I didn’t have enough money to cover all the anticipated expenses for the day. My […]

How I Survived Two Kidney Failures

Pastor Ademola Ige

Early last year, I was diagnosed of kidney failure. The two kidneys just collapsed and everything started rolling down one after another. I lost the use of my two hands, I lost the use of my two legs, my tongue was twisted and I couldn’t do anything for myself.  Brethren started praying and my case […]