Why Kidney Disease Patients Die Early By Wale Adeduro

One of my doctors, Dr. Mrs. Remi Oladapo-Sanu, of Kidney Solutions, at the initial stage explained to me that, “The reason most people die early from terminal illness is because of fear, frustration and faithlessness.” Dr Ogo Egbuna, the ubiquitous boss at Kidney Solutions also provided unusual support at all the Stages. He was never […]

Test Of Faith – Part 3 By Wale Adeduro

I was given paracetamol tablets to numb my pain but it wasn’t doing much. They decided to give me the injection version of the tablet and I vomited almost immediately it was given to me. I went home that day thinking everything was alright. But I was wrong. Before I went for the procedure, I […]

Test Of Faith – Part 2 By Pastor Wale Adeduro 

Everything that happened next was a blur. My mother pushed me out of the way and ran to gather Siji’s broken legs in her arms. She turned around in the same breath and ran out of our cramped compound. I was at her heels when she hailed down the nearest taxi and screamed at the […]

Test Of Faith – Part 1 By Pastor Wale Adeduro

I took away with me a major lesson from my meeting with Daddy G.O. during my 31st December, 2020, meeting with him. I was convinced that God wanted me to let go of worrying. This, I believed, included having to worry so much about my “business” and career. I needed to focus more on the […]

Preparing To Weather The Storm – Part 2 By Pastor Wale Adeduro

The lady prayed fervently with my wife and I. While she was with me, she put a call through to her husband. She told him I was sick with kidney failure. The man prayed for me on the telephone. To my surprise, she did not make any personal request for prayers or counselling. When she […]

A Dying Field – Part 3 By Pastor Wale Adeduro

My doctors didn’t hide words from me. They told me my condition will cost me millions of naira. It was to be expected. Having good health for free is a privilege you can only appreciate when you get told that even people with millions of naira need more than their millions to survive. You could […]

A Dying Field – Part 1 By Pastor Wale Adeduro

2019 rolled around. There was a crazy anticipation in the air. It was the turn of a decade, the last year in that decade and everyone was eager to see how the new decade would turn out. Years before, we had a pretty futuristic view of “2020” and the years to follow. We had all […]

Pa Adeduro’s Celebration Of Life

By Bosun Obafemi It was a night of deep reflection at the Redeemed Christian Church of God Royal Diadem in Lagos Province 76 yesterday when children and family of Pa William Olorunfemi Adeduro gathered for a service of songs to celebrate the life of their late father. Pa Adeduro, in a testimonial, was described as […]

A Strange Affliction – Part 3 By: Pastor Wale Adeduro

I was quiet that day as I made my way from the hospital home. I was considering the implications of the information the doctor had just dropped on my laps like hot coal. My kidneys were failing? Lots of things went through my mind at that point. From the little I knew, one needs lots […]

Saved By The Blood By Wale Adeduro – Part 1

“Thy testimonies are wonderful: therefore, doth my soul keeps them.” Psalm 119:129 “The righteousness of thy testimonies is everlasting: give me understanding, and I shall live.” Psalm 119:144 I am a testimony. The testimony of Jesus (Revelations 19:10) kept me alive beyond December 2005. The blood of Jesus has saved me from the powers of […]