Pastor Wale Adeduro

I was given paracetamol tablets to numb my pain but it wasn’t doing much. They decided to give me the injection version of the tablet and I vomited almost immediately it was given to me. I went home that day thinking everything was alright. But I was wrong.

Before I went for the procedure, I knew I was sick and my legs were swollen, but that was the extent of my symptoms. However, 24 hours after I had the procedure, my right hand became swollen and my body started to bloat. I went back to the clinic and was referred to a specialist in Victoria Island. I was told that the special doctor would not be available until after a fortnight.

At that point, I learnt a very important lesson about faith. Before the procedure, my faith was in the fact that God was healing me by Himself. But I allowed myself to be derailed and went ahead to interfere due to the frightening scenario that the doctors described as “what if.” I remembered when Daddy G.O said God wanted to prove He was enough to sustain me. It was one of the ways He wanted to sustain me, but I didn’t allow that to happen.

For almost two weeks, I was on medication and fighting the bloating. Until one day, my wife and I went to the Redemption Camp. We prayed fervently about it in the Open Heavens International Office (The first residence of the General Overseer when he relocated to the Redemption Camp).

Over the years, the Open Heavens International Office has been the only “mountain” that my family knows and uses; if we are not praying in our home or parish or the altars of the Old Auditorium in the Redemption Camp, we would be praying at the Open Heavens International Office.

The following morning after our prayers, I woke up to find that the swelling had reduced to the point that it wasn’t visible anymore. Glory be to God in the highest!

Despite this cheering development, I had to start dialysis a week after the testimony. It was a very harrowing experience for me. By far one of the most excruciating things I have ever had to face. Every day through it, I learnt serious lessons about faith. As a Christian, if you’re convinced about exercising your faith without any adverse effect, continue exercising your faith. Don’t drop your faith because of anticipation or anxiety that something might go wrong.

The doctors told me that because I had been diagnosed of kidney failure months ago and refused to take the prescribed medication, which was dialysis, anything could go wrong. I could just drop dead and die without notice or I could have a heart attack and die, and it will be because I didn’t do the dialysis. Bottom line was, before the procedure, I had no other symptom except the swollen legs. But the moment I had that device inserted in my body, all hell broke loose.

Until the 16th day of October 2021 when I had my transplant, I never felt peace. It was not possible to know what to expect the next moment. I remember one afternoon I was preparing for an online contract conclusion meeting with a client. I went to dress for the meeting. While I was dressing up, I suddenly felt a bang on my head. Within minutes, I was vomiting. I was rushed to the hospital. I spent two weeks on admission for migraine. After I was discharged from the hospital, I had been infected for the third time with COVID-19!

As a Christian, always trust God. Have faith in Him. Don’t allow anyone to shift your focus. If God cannot do it, no one else can.


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