Deaconess Juliana Omatan
Deaconess Juliana Omatan

I thank God for what He did in the life of my two children. It came to pass that we got them Sickle-cell; they were SS and some of them have gone but these particular two the Lord intervened over by changing their genotype from SS to AA. I have come to give thanks to God.

One of them was a Polio patient when he was small. And because he was not walking, I left him in Kano and came to this Holy Ghost arena. On Wednesday of the Holy Ghost Congress when Daddy G.O said those who came with the lame, the blind, should bring them out, I saw big children on their fathers’ shoulder and I screamed where I was standing. I said is this how my son would sit down and he will not walk till he grows? All of a sudden, I became weak and sat on the floor where I was.

To God be the glory, I heard Daddy G. O. from afar, he said there is a woman here, your most fear I am attending to it now. Brethren, I want to announce to you it was on Thursday night the boy I left in Kano rose and began to walk.

Praise the Lord!


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