Assistant Pastor Omotayo Agunbiade

In November, 2021, while on the camp ground here, I found a lump on my breast. By June 2023, I was diagnosed of breast cancer stage 2. The doctors told me that I was going to have immediate surgery and eight sections of chemotherapy. But this time last year I tuned in to the Communion service during the Convention while receiving treatment and I keyed in for my healing and each time I would go for chemotherapy, I would replay the Holy Communion Service and I told myself I was going for blood therapy and not chemotherapy.

By Congress last year, my provincial pastor made arrangement for me to come to the camp and I went straight to Open Heavens International Centre prayer room to pray asking God if He can see me through the treatments and I go for the breast sitting scan and all the cancer cells are clear I’ll return to give glory to God. By 31st January this year 2024, I went for breast sitting scan, no cancer cell was found. And by the glory of God, I’ve been getting stronger each day. Praise the name of the Lord, Halleujah!!

Asst. Pastor Omotayo Agunbiade


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