Sis Felicia Chidinma

Praise Master Jesus! I’ve come to return all glory to the Almighty God for what He alone did in my life. I was diagnosed of cancer of the jaw bone. In 2001, when the doctor told me about the implication of the surgery, I ran away. Last year our Daddy in the Lord came to Region 5 and I was among the 100 persons our Daddy laid hands on. Immediately, the fear I had had about the surgery disappeared. I travelled out and the operation was successful.  It was 9 hours of operation nonstop. Almighty God did it by Himself, my jaw bone was removed, the cancer was brought out, and there was no spread for two and half years. I’ve come to return all glory to this great and awesome God. It was an operation that intended to end my life but Him alone did it and brought me alive to the land of the living.

I don’t know how to appreciate this God; you can see my legs. they took a bone from my leg to construct a new jaw for me because my jaw bone was destroyed, everything about me was destroyed but look at me now, I’m whole and strong. I’ve come to give glory to the God of Daddy Adeboye for what He has done in my life. I say thank You Jesus!!

Sis Felicia Chidinma


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