Bro. Sam Ademola

I just want to share the testimony to the glory of God because in 1991, I got born again in a very close-by Redeemed parish. In 1992, I was taken to a very large river and as I was coming out of the river, heaven opened and I heard the voice saying, “thus sayeth the Lord” so I penned it down. But in 1993, God prompted me again, so I did exam in my school as a Marine Engineering student and I scored 100 percent in Engineering Mathematics and at the end of it I don’t know if there was an attack as the lecturer removed my score.

During the holiday, I was in the hospital when I shouted at midnight after someone called me but I didn’t answer and I was sweating. In the morning, I lost my mind and they thought I was a mad person so I was taken to the hospital. I was wrongly diagnosed then taken to the wrong ward; I’ve been battling with this from 1992 till now. I thank God for restoration. Sometimes, I hear a voice that said I should go to Ibadan by midnight and I went. In 1992, I was under the bridge in Oshodi at midnight, I didn’t know the hour of the day. I started singing Daddy Adeboye’s song, the area boys were looking at me but couldn’t harm me.

I got my healing last year Perfect Jubilee convention, but now I’m believing God for permanent divine restoration.  

Bro. Sam Ademola


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