Mrs Mosunmola Oladosun

In May 2014, at the old auditorium, Daddy G.O during his ministration of word of knowledge declared that ‘there is someone in this place, you said God has done everything, the only thing is He has not given you husband’, he said very soon you’ll testify. In June, I met my husband. In 2016, we got married but by October I had a miscarriage due to fibroid and we began to look for ways to get treatment.  Along the line some people wanted to assist us but then God spoke in Yoruba and said, ‘to ba wule fu e lowo, se o ma fu e lomo’, and when He spoke, I know and I said no way I would not go for it. So, I had to pause. We began to use the anointing handkerchief and the Holy Communion.

By 2018, chunks of the fibroid came out miraculously and the same year God helped me to conceive. In 2019 when the pregnancy was going to 9 months, by first week of June, I began to bleed. I bled to the point that doctors said they don’t know what to do again. They recommended me for evacuation. In the midnight when they’ve gone, I began to shout Hallelujah, and in the cause of shouting Hallelujah, the baby began to kick again. The next morning when I went for the evacuation. At the scan the doctor said what I am seeing and what they wrote were two different things. On the day of delivery, the fibroid was still there, the agreement was to bring out the baby and not the fibroid but by the time they brought the baby they discovered they cannot close my tummy again so they had to fight for my life. 

The struggle began and suddenly the doctor said it’s like we can’t handle this.  I said, “Holy Spirit, teach them what to do”. And suddenly, He brought a consultant that was on his off day. The man came and God rescued me. After taking several pints of blood, my bowel level was at 23% and they said I need to take more and I asked for Holy Communion and I took Holy Communion and I began to say the blood of Jesus flow to me from the Calvary.  I took another two pints of blood and from 23%, my blood level rose to 24%. But when I took the Holy Communion, my blood level rose from 24% to 40%. I gave birth in July and I was discharged in September. They gave me some things to buy, I bought them and I said God of Adeboye who closed the red sea miraculously, close the wound and that was how he closed the wound within 3 days. Here I am with Tioluwanimi, Oladosun, Dominion, omo Daddy G.O, omo Jesu. We say thank You Jesus.

Mrs Mosunmola Oladosun


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