Mr & Mrs Nkiruka

The Lord is awesome! We got married in 2013, and we’ve been waiting for years. Our marriage was 10 years in July. We’ve been waiting for almost 9 years for the fruit of the womb. I remember during the pandemic, there was this special Holy Ghost service for children and I was like God, you just have to do it. As Daddy Adeboye was praying, I was just coveting. It was like, I’m going to have my own child. So, when it was 2021, my husband was like let’s go for IVF. I agreed and went for the IVF. After 4 weeks, I was tested to see if I was pregnant, but instead of them telling me I was 4 weeks pregnant, they were telling me I was almost 2 months pregnant. I was like how is that possible. They couldn’t explain. I went for the next appointment and they said I was already pregnant before we did the IVF.

I remember before the IVF, I told God I’m His child, you give children freely. I will not pay for a child, I know you’ll give me mine and that’s how our funds, our thousands of dollars, were refunded to us.

Who did it? ‘Jesus, oh my God, waoo.’

Mr & Mrs Nkiruka


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