Sis Ade Akintomide Adeseun

My testimony is that the Lord saved me and kept my baby alive. While I was pregnant, sometime in February, that day I was at home with my husband and I started seeing blood in my nose, and I wondered what was responsible. I called my gynecologist and he told me probably it was the weather, that I should take an ice pack and press the nose. Later on at night, around 10pm, I went to use the toilet and I noticed I urinated blood. So my husband said, ‘okay, let’s go to the hospital’. So, we went to the hospital, they observed me and they placed me on medication.

The next morning, I went to the toilet and the same thing happened. I was referred to UCH. When we got to UCH, I was placed on the bed. By that time, every opening in my body was discharging blood. Blood was coming out from my mouth, from my eyes, from my nose, from every opening in my body blood was coming out. So, the Doctors were surprised; they were saying what’s this, that they’ve not seen anything like this kind of thing before.

We ran all kinds of test. There’s this kind of thing they called platelets in the body, it’s supposed to be 150,000 but mine went as low as 2,000, so the doctors said they cannot do CS for me that I was going to bleed to death. So, they left me on the bed, I continued bleeding. Every 5 minutes I was urinating blood. So, I started singing, “Jesu o Jesu o, Iwo lo lomi ateje ebami tun ayemi se”.

At a point, I brought out my phone. I felt I was going to see Daddy G.O number that I should just call him and he should say my daughter it is well with you but I kept the faith very strong. I went to the hospital on Sunday and on Tuesday morning, a doctor came to me and said, ‘Madam, how are you feeling?’ I said ‘I’m fine’. He said, ‘okay’. ‘Can you get the scanning machine let me see what is happening with this woman?’ he told the staff, so they brought the scanning machine. The Doctor said this baby is getting tired, that they have to take me to the theatre. They took me to the theatre for an emergency CS, but they told me it’s 50-50 but that they will save me alone. I just looked up and said God please, am I going to come back into this world with my baby and myself?

They took me to the theatre, placed me on oxygen, transfused blood into me, they did everything. After the surgery, they did PCV for me and my blood was as low as 15%. Before I left UCH, all the components of blood I received was like 24. At a point, I had a dream and I saw Daddy G.O laying his hand on my head; that was all till everything cleared. I spent like three weeks at UCH but I want to thank God that I am alive, my baby is alive. I want to give God all the glory. Hallelujah!!!

Sis Ade Akintomide Adeseun


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