Sister Adegbite Adenike

It happened in July 2021, exactly 2 years ago; that was my birthday. I was somewhere and I just felt a sharp pain under my left chest, I was like what is happening. I got home in the afternoon but was restless, having headache and everything about my body system changed. My husband wasn’t around at that time. I called him on phone that I was feeling somehow, that I don’t know what was wrong with me. He asked me to visit our hospital. When I got there, the doctor checked on me. He said, “Madam, are you diabetic?” I said “no”. He said, “are you hypertensive?” I said, “no”. He said, “what I’m seeing now, I think we need to refer you to General hospital.” I said, “is it that serious?” He said, “yes, but I will give you a medication that will calm you down for some minutes”.

I began panting, my heart was beating very fast. So, he gave me some medications for me to lay down for some minutes. About 30 minutes to 1 hour later, he told me to go to the general hospital. When I got to the general hospital that day, they said I came late that they have closed already. They managed to ask what was wrong with me and I said I was not feeling too well. The doctor said, “okay, madam. Let me just check on you and give you some medication, then you come back the second day.” And that was how the whole thing started.

Later, I was in the emergency ward for one week in the General hospital. I was asked to run some ECG to check my heart. I was asked to do breast mammogram because I cannot differentiate if the pain is in my chest or my breast. After some series of treatments in general hospital for some months, we were referred to LASUTH, in Ikeja, and when I got there, I was transferred to maternity department. When I got there, I ran a test called bone marrow test. They checked my platelets and they said, “madam, this blood is too low.” Then I was asking my doctor what exactly are you treating me for because they gave me some drugs to be taking and the doctor said the test was insignificant.

After some time, I could not stand straight, I had to bend my body. I could not lay on my chest for 10 months, except on my back. My husband would carry me if I want to lay down, if I want to stand up, he must carry me for me to sit down or use the toilet; in fact, for everything, he must carry me. I was in so much pain and anytime we went to the hospital, we would run all series of tests. The last time I went to the hospital, they referred me from haematology to gastro department and they said I have problem with my liver. When we got there, the doctor said, “madam, the patients are more than the doctors. We have to give you 3 months appointment.” That was around May. That was when my pastor met with our pastor-in-charge of Province and a letter was written to Daddy G.O. After a month, I received a message that I should come to the camp, and I came and Daddy G.O laid his hands on me and since that day, my healing started.

In August during the convention, a man gave a testimony here that he had a problem with his spine; he brought the test result after he got his healing. As the man was sharing his testimony, I jumped up on my feet and felt there was a shift in my back, because my bone in my back bulged out during that sickness. I was sick for one and half years, and that’s how my healing started. Since Daddy G.O laid his hands on me, I have not visited LASUTH; the appointment they gave me, I did not go back. The Lord has done it. I’m okay, I can stand straight, I can bend, I can turn, I can do everything. Praise the Lord!!!!

Sister Adegbite Adenike


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