Sis. Ibukunoluwa Ajayi

I want to thank God because in 2008, I developed something called leg ulcer, one on each side on my ankle of my right leg. These are sores and wounds that don’t heal unless divine intervention. When it started, I didn’t know what it was. I was in secondary school and I managed to enter university but it got worse to a point where I was once referred to as a walking corpse because of the smell that came from the wounds.

I had a surgery in 2009 and one of the ulcers healed but one failed, I carried that to 2014. I had another surgery in the US, I tried herbal treatment, I did everything, I was depressed, I was suicidal. I came back after my surgery in the US and the surgery failed. I made up my mind not to do another surgery but I was convinced to write a letter to Daddy G.O to tell him what was going on because already, I’m one who has sickle cell combined with all these other things; it was too much for me.

Daddy G.O replied me in 2016 to come and see him. I had an appointment and I came here during one of the special services. He laid his hands on me and several other people. That same month, I had another surgery scheduled. That surgery, despite everything the devil tried, it was successful and after 10 years of suffering leg ulcers, it was finally healed. I want to thank God for His grace and mercy. Thank you, Jesus!!

Sis. Ibukunoluwa Ajayi


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