No single expository piece can fully convey the debt of revelation embedded in the description of our Lord Jesus Christ as The Author and Finisher of our faith, or thoroughly cover its vast application. Verses of this composition ought to be cherished so much as to be engraved in the heart of every wayfaring believer and conspicuously written with gold in every Christian home and church. The faith of every believer and unbeliever alike depends greatly on it, for therein lies hope for all.

Christ is the author and finisher of our faith, the beginning and the end of the Christian’s pilgrim journey. This is the truth affirmed by the Lord when He said, “I am the Alpha and Omega”, and a fact confirmed by infallible words of scriptures such as, “by Him all things living and non- living consist”, “He is able to save to the uttermost, those who come to God by Him”. This saying is true and worthy of all acceptance for the experience of all God’s saints proves it so.

Gospel witnesses of His first advent accounted of how He died to become the author of man’s eternal salvation bringing man from the debt of hell to the threshold of eternal life and ascending ahead of him to prepare a home of final rest in God’s heavenly kingdom.

Christ, for over two thousand years, have not ceased to daily save the multitude who seek Him daily and admit daily into eternal rest faithful ones at death end.

As Christ is the pioneer of universal salvation by His vicarious death, so must He be the pioneer at any point a man receives the gift of salvation. No believer is born saved. From the time one is born to the point of his conversion, Christ through His Holy Spirit guides him through series of paths that eventually lead him to the time, place and situation that facilitates his salvation. These experiences the fathers of theology call effectual calling.

At this set time, place and situation, Christ uses the word as a tool to convict, impact a saving faith into such one and persuade him thereby to plead and receive pardon for his sins. Thus, such one is saved, not by his works, but as a gift from God. Christ is his Shepherd all through his pilgrim journey to the new life; sustaining, sanctifying and strengthening him amidst the persecutions, temptations and fiery darts of the devil and the world. Christ never leaves him nor forsakes him.

Finally, when at old age, by sickness or by accident his mortal life ends, Christ opens unto him the portal of eternity, crowning his race with the crown of gold, a garment of righteousness and a mansion. Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. He still saves and grants eternal life, hence, let’s not give up on the salvation of any man, be they sibling, spouse, friends, colleagues and so on.

He that begins the good work is always able and willing to perform it till the end. Let no true believer chicken out of the highway of holiness for our redeemer is mighty and faithful. He is the author and definitely the finisher of our faith.


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