Florence Abeke Adegborioye's exit

In a world where life is often measured in moments and fleeting memories, the life of princess Florence Abeke Adegborioye was a shining example of longevity service and faith. At the grand age of 101, this remarkable woman left behind a legacy of generosity, prayer and enduring spirit that touched countless lives.

During the celebratory services held in her honour at the RCCG, House of Favour, Redemption City of God on the 17th and 18th April, 2024. Person to person stepped forward to recount how Princess Adegborioye had touched their lives with her generosity, endless prayers and unwavering spirit.

Born on June 30, 1923 in the city of Ibadan, princess Florence, nee Aladesote, was an embodiment of grace and sophistication. She arrived with a regal bearing into a noble family with deep roots in the illustrious Imaran and Ojumu families of Owo, Ondo state. From her birth, she carried the legacy of her ancestors with poise and dignity, yet she also forged her own path with a distinctive passion for fashion that captivated the world around her.

Even in her early years, princess Florence exhibited a keen intellect and astute business acumen. Amidst her rigorous academic pursuits at Methodist school in Owo, she was also immersed in her mother’s bustling enterprise learning the art of commerce and trading.

From fashion to old, beads and the traditional Yoruba Bata Onide, her natural gift for trade radiated through every aspect of her life with elegance and grace.

As her family, friends, church members and community gathered to bid farewell to this matriarch of generosity, the pastor stood before the congregation to deliver a message of hope and external life.

During the Christian wake keep, the Special Assistant to the General Overseer (Admin.) of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Oladele Balogun delivered a powerful message titled “The death of the righteous” with text taken from number 23:10.

Pastor Balogun’s voice resonated throughout the room as he reflected on the nature of death, an unavoidable part of life. He reminded the congregation that though everyone will die, but those who live righteously will find comfort in knowing that their spirit lives on. The death of the righteous, he said, is not a tragedy but a transition from this life into the next. He urged all who desire heaven to remain humble, see life here as temporary and borrowed asset. He said no one has power over death and one’s lifestyle will determine nature of life after death.

Pastor Dele Adedeji who is a Regional evangelist in RCCG continued the sermon during the burial service as he reflected on the kind of life mama had lived.

siblings of late princess Florence Abeke Adegborioye

“The life of mama already preached itself because I had a special encounter with her. I usually called mama anytime I saw her ‘mama, gramarian’. “Anytime you go to mama house, mama will say, pastor you can’t go like that, take, I will say mama I am the one that is supposed to give you something. She was very loveable, she was a giver to the core. She was dynamic in nature and she was a prayer warrior.”

Adedeji shared some key points where he stated that this life is not ours, but a gift from God and as steward of this borrowed life, we must use it wisely to serve God and help others, not to squander our time in selfish pursuits.

The pastor’s words were a poignant reminder of the fleeting nature of life. In his words “Our living on this life is very temporary because it is a journey that will come to an end one day.”

Adedeji voice rang with conviction as he delivered his final message where he noted that in the face of death we are all equal. He thereby admonished everyone seated to live right.

In his words “let us approach our race to the kingdom of God smoothly, joyfully, victoriously, and gloriously. Otherwise, if you are listening to the voices of people left and right, you will not be able to end well. Am pleading to everyone listening to me today lets prepare for the last day so we can end our race well.”

In a stirring display of reverence and devotion those gathered to honour Mama were beckoned to come forth one last time to bid their final adieu to the century old pillar of the community.  Each took a moment to bid farewell to the embodiment of strength, grace and honour.

Mama Florence Abeke Adegborioye was survived by many children among whom is the Assistant Pastor in charge of Region 42 who is also the immediate past Senior Director in the Admin/Personnel of the RCCG, Pastor Olarotimi Vicent Adegborioye (OVA) as well as many grandchildren.


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