Pastor (Mrs.) Foluke Adeboye

Text: Psalm 19:14

You may be asking how do we know the wonders of being a woman but before I continue, there’s a lovely text that we normally read when it comes to anything wonderful. Isaiah 9:6

“For unto us a child is born and unto us a son is given, the government shall be upon his shoulder and his name shall be called wonderful, counsellor, the mighty God, the everlasting father, the prince of peace.”

Here, we have seen all the names of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Church, being listed. That’s not all the names He has, there are so many others but one of the names is wonderful. So, we’re talking about Jesus as usual; if we don’t talk about Him, then who are we going to talk about?

What is wonder? It means to be filled with admiration, amazement… It means anything wonderful is linked with our Lord Jesus.

In Genesis 1:27, the Bible tells us God created men and women in His own image and likeness. Imagine God being a woman and at the same time being a man. In creating us, He did not just create man, He created women also. In Psalm 19:14, the Bible tells us that we are wonderfully and fearfully made. Who should be fearful in doing anything? Is it God? The God of heaven who we praise in fear because of who He is and what He does that is so marvellous, which means He was very careful when making us in order not to make mistake. 

He did not allow our womb to be on our chest, or our boobs to be at our back; how wonderfully and fearfully you and I have been made. It amazes me. Isaiah 8:18 says we and the children that God has given to us, we are for signs and wonders.

1Corinthians 11:7, tells us that women are the glory of the man; glory is another attribute of God. When we say something is glorious, it is more than beautiful. Women are the glory of men. This means that when women are not there, the men are not yet complete in whatever they may be doing, because we add honour, virtue, beauty to their lives.

Brethren, let me tell you today, if you don’t know you are the glory of your husband, you better begin to know because this knowledge must stick with us. In Ruth3:11, the Bible let us know we are noble, somebody who people want to see and know. When we look into the history of Ruth, we see that despite all the problems she went through, she became a great, great grandmother for our Lord Jesus Christ.

In Matthew 1:16, Jacob gave birth to Joseph, the husband of Mary through whom Jesus was born. This is another glorious occasion. Now let’s look at it this way, why was it not a man that gave birth to our Lord Jesus Christ? It’s because the Lord Jesus Christ has to be brought forth by a woman. What a glory, what a wonder! We thank God for this.

1Samuel 25:3 says, we are intelligent and beautiful; that is part of the wonders of God in our lives. When we look at the statistics of education today, women are more than men in high ranks, and when we look at the life of Abigail in the Bible, king David commended her and said she was intelligent and beautiful, to the extent that after Abigail’s husband died, David smartly took her as a wife, because he saw the wonders God in terms of intelligence and beauty.

One of all the wonders of God over our lives is that we are great, we are not nonentity or below the men in ranks. I love the Americans because when you ask them how you are doing, they respond, “I’m great! ”Women are great. In 2kings 4:6, there was a woman of Shumen, very rich to the extent that the prophet enjoyed out of her greatness. The prophet asked her if she wanted anything and she said, ‘no, I don’t need anything’. Greatness is one of the attributes of God’s wonders upon our lives, so don’t put yourself low. Cheer up, inspire yourself, lift yourself up and begin to work like a great woman.

In Matthew 26:7-10, women of wonders do good works. God has attributed good works with our lives. There was this woman of the alabaster box of oil; very precious ointment. While nobody can even sit close to our Lord Jesus Christ as a woman except maybe his mother and sister, this woman found a way and made it through the crowd and went right on the head of our Lord Jesus Christ and broke the box.

How intimate! It shows that the Spirit of God living in her after she had been delivered as a witch and has a new life, cherished God. If it had been on the feet she broke the box, I would have said that’s how low she could go or how high she could go. But this is telling us that there’s no part of our Lord Jesus Christ that we cannot touch or reach. We can reach His power, anointing, prosperity, everything. The woman found her way and poured the oil right on the head of our Lord Jesus Christ. It amazes me and I wish I can be that woman; we can all be like that woman.

In Luke 10:8-39, Mary and Martha were so intimate with the Lord Jesus Christ that Jesus visited their home. If it was nowadays, they would say the pastor is adulterous or a fornicator, but these two sisters loved the Lord Jesus Christ and the Lord Jesus Christ loved them so much that even when their brother died, he wept at his tomb and because of them, he performed the wonder of raising a four-day old dead body; that is one of the wonders that women can receive from God through intimacy with Him.

How close are we with Christ, is He our friend? Do we allow Him into our homes? If we have not been, let us be like the great woman of Shumen, like Mary and Martha to the extent that Jesus can come to our aid anytime we need Him. I pray that because we have been wonderfully and fearfully made in every aspect of our home, God will make anything dead come alive in Jesus name.

Women had the opportunity to receive the Holy Ghost on the day of Pentecost; the day I first read that passage, I jumped up and screamed. The Bible tells us in Acts 2:4 that men and women were filled with the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost; 120 of them including the Lord Jesus Christ’s mother. We have also been told in the same Acts 2:17 that the Lord will pour out His spirit upon all flesh, that sons and daughters shall prophesy. So, don’t let anybody tell you in the church that only men can prophesy, women also can prophesy. God has given you the gift of prophesy, don’t close your mouth again. As the Lord leads, you begin to say ‘thus says the Lord’. Women are the partakers of the enjoyment and glory of the Holy Ghost.

In the book of Judges 4:5, a woman, Deborah, judged a whole nation at her own time where men were not mentioned. Even the man that was mentioned had to rest on the power of Deborah to go to war. He said, ‘unless you lead us, mama, we won’t go’. So, women of RCCG that God has made wonderfully and fearfully, well, it’s good news to you today that you can rule a nation. The Bible tells us that Deborah arose when everything in the land went down. There was moral decadence, nobody was able to challenge who was stealing then and the Bible tells us that this woman ruled Israel and the whole nation.

In Matthew 25:10, women are also made for heaven. Before our Lord Jesus Christ came to save the world, when census was made, they could say 5,000 men without counting women and children; but today, we fill the gaps for them because we are more than men in numbers, so, let us know that we count and matter because in Matthew 25:10, heaven is not made for men alone. When the bridegroom came, he was looking for the virgins; even though ten of them showed up but five were careless. I pray we will not be careless in the name of Jesus. Let us know that heaven is open for us and we should work towards it so that we can make heaven on the last day.

The Bible tells us in Revelation 19:5-9 that heaven is for us. Brethren in RCCG, heaven is for us and it’s full of joy, wonderfully prepared, the streets are made of gold and everything there is peaceful, there won’t be any virus or sickness, no divorce in heaven and so we must make ourselves get ready.

On a deeper note, I would like to let us know that a man gives a woman a seed. In Genesis 12:1-3, the man gives a woman a seed and the woman gives him back a son; who is that woman? It was father Abraham and Mama Sarah and that son became somebody that fulfilled God’s promises because God told Abraham that your children will fill the whole nation and today, we are children of Abraham because the promises of God concerning Abraham is coming to pass over our lives.

When a woman is breastfeeding children, her children, even if they are five, the milk will still keep on flowing until the children are satisfied. When it’s time to breastfeed them again, the milk will still be flowing. That’s why in Genesis 17:1, God told Abraham ‘I am the all-sufficient God’, so, women we share with other people what God has given us, most especially, our breast with our children. The breast is still supplying, no matter the number of children we already have and so it will not stop in the name of Jesus.

When God was to become a man, He needed the body of a woman. The book of Hebrews 10:5 says he bypassed a man to prepare the body for Jesus to come. This tells us that there’s a lot of things God can do through a woman without involving a man. We can see it, we have seen it and it would continue. In my own little life that I have lived, I have seen it, so, don’t let anybody say ‘but you are a woman’. So, a man is a wonder of God, a woman is a greater wonder. A woman brought the saviour and the saviour brought salvation to the whole world.

If we take note, we would notice we do not hear about the father of Moses in the Bible but we know the roles that both his mother and sister played in preserving the life of the one that God used to bring deliverance to Israel. Imagine if Moses had not been born by that woman Jochebed and the sister Mariam who was by the brook looking to see what would happen.

Brethren, what do they know you for? Is your name hidden among your children? Can your children look up to you all the time? This is very essential. Moses became the deliverer of Israel at the end of the day.

Brethren, we are being reminded of how wonderfully and fearfully we have been made. God made us wonderful for Himself and we should not forget what He did in the lives of all other women we have talked about and what God allowed us to do right in our wombs because in our wombs, He has allowed destinies of men to be formed. He made us great; He made us useful in His vineyard, allowed us to even receive the power of the Holy Ghost as men did and we are candidates for heaven and God is counting on us.

Today, we are reminded and encouraged that we are women of wonders and that name will follow you to your home. Whatever you do as from now on, people will just be marvelled at it and your greatness will never end. As the heavens is opening unto men, it will open unto you. We shall not miss heaven.  


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