Sis Dupe Olorunmaye and husband

I got married in 2006 and I had my first child in 2007. I had a second one in 2010, but unfortunately, I lost that one and since then, I’ve been asking God for more babies. I went to mountains and Open Heavens centre for prayers. Then I dreamt. I saw Daddy G. O, we were praying in the old auditorium. In that dream, we were all women that were praying that day and Daddy G. O. who wore a very white cloth and sat on a white chair asked me what I wanted. I said I wanted a child and he said I should move closer to him and kneel down. So, in one of the Holy Ghost services, daddy prophesied that someone is coming back with triplets. I held on to that prophecy that day and I prayed over it for a year. I got pregnant in 2021 and I had my children in 2022, two boys and a girl. Praise the Lord!

Sis Dupe Olorunmaye


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