Pastor Oladele Balogun, SATGO (Admin.) leading other Pastors at the training session.

By Olusegun Obisanya

In its bid to achieve the set objectives of bringing more people to the knowledge of the Saviour and expanding the kingdom of God on earth, the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, has embarked on training her strategic leaders at different levels of leadership.

Codenamed Leadership Course 5, the well-attended hybrid training was themed “Innovate”. The training was held at the Redemption Resort, Redemption City, Mowe, Ogun State recently.

Taking their turn, the church’s key leaders, who are also professionals in their fields, delivered papers at the event.

Importantly, they disclosed that the Church placed high premium on the well-being of its personnel to achieve the set spiritual objectives.

In his paper presentation titled, “Innovation: Crafting a strategic direction for local parishes,” the Special Assistant to the General Overseer on Administration, Pastor Oladele Balogun emphasised the need for parish pastors to adapt and innovate to move their local churches forward in a changing world.

Also, he stressed the need for a thorough SWOT analysis if they hope to achieve the set objectives of the church.

He said, “In a world that is constantly changing, it is a fact that everything about this world keeps on changing. But in our world, there is a need for us to ensure that our local parishes do not just weather the storm. We must come out with a sense of innovation, initiatives, and direction that can lead to the growth of our parishes.

“We have to bring in new innovation, new initiatives, so as to ensure that we move our church forward. That is why we are suggesting that there is a need for us as pastors or church leaders to craft out a 10-year plan that we can follow to make our churches grow.”

Balogun added, “You will discover that in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, we have come up with Vision 2032. This vision is a 10-year plan to move RCCG forward. But what we are saying is that we want to make it practical in your local branch.”

Speaking on the topic, “Personnel management and vision 2032,” the Special Assistant to the RCCG General Overseer on Personnel, Pastor Julius Olalekan opined that personnel management has to do with strategic and coherent approach to devising an effective management system for people in an organisation.

“Considering that RCCG is not the only organization in existence, we need to manage people effectively to utilize their potentials and achieve a competitive advantage.

“Personnel management is integral to achieving the vision of RCCG for 2032. Placing the right people, offering incentives, and providing adequate training are essential components for the growth and success of the organisation.”

Earlier, the Chairman, Ethics Committee, CIPM, Ahmed Ladan Gobir posited that the ethics of human resources profession is premised on fairness, honesty, confidentiality and the protection of employee right.

Gobir stated: “HR professionals play a crucial role in ensuring that organizations adhere to legal and ethical standards in their treatment of employees. Their responsibilities include recruitment, employee development, performance management, and maintaining a safe and inclusive work environment.”

He identified whistleblower protection confidentiality, non-discrimination, honesty and integrity, conflict of interest, privacy and data protection, employee engagement and well being among others as some key ethical considerations in the HR profession.

“Adhering to these ethical principles is crucial for HR professionals to maintain the trust and confidence of employees, stakeholders, and the organization as a whole,” he added.

Engr. Sean Olabode Badiru, Chairman of the CIPM, Ogun State Branch, delivered a practical talk on “Transforming Digital Presence: Strategies for Innovation and Growth”.

He told the leaders that before venturing into social media space, there is need to understand the stance of the church and the target audience.

He said, “We need to start with the understanding of where we stand, as an organization. Before we can launch ourselves into the stratosphere, we need a solid foundation. That means taking a good, honest look at our current social media presence.

“What’s working, what’s not, and what kind of message are we currently sending? We need to do an audit before we hit the ground running. Because once we have that baseline, then we can dive into the magic: crafting a social media strategy that will serve as our compass online. The kind that makes people sit up and say, “Who are these guys, and why are they so awesome?”

At the end of the training session, in an exclusive interview with Badiru on the correlation between workers’ welfare and productivity, he said, “There is a strong, positive connection between taking care of your employees and getting great results. Look, research shows it time and time again – happy, supported workers are more productive workers.

“Also, when you take care of your people, they feel loyal and committed. They stick around, you build a stable team, and that stability itself boosts productivity.”


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