Remi Tinubu
Remi Tinubu

Nigeria’s incoming First Lady Remi Tinubu has promised Nigerians that the administration of her husband will set the nation on the right path but covet people prayers.

She said this while speaking at the inauguration service which was held ahead of her husband’s swearing-in which will be taking place on Monday May 29th.

She told the congregation, “Nigeria’s wealth is the commonwealth of all. It belongs to everyone God has blessed my family. We don’t need the wealth of Nigeria to survive or to do the right thing. And I promise you on this altar that with your help, with the help of God, we will set this nation on the right path. We need your prayers.

“I can tell you, I for one I’m a silent worker, I’m not a noisemaker; I listen and I hear. It is not out of pride but it is about what the journey has meted on us. We’ve been bruised, our body is not the same again, but once the spirit is strong… the Bible says if the spirit is there, it will sustain your infirmity. But when the spirit is gone, who can stand. With the spirit of God in us, we will do the right thing by the grace of God.”


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