Pastor E. A. Adeboye

I think it was 1981, I have become General Overseer and I was visiting our churches, kind of familiarization tour and at that time several of the youth were rejoicing because God has put us in position and I remembered we were going towards my village.

Suddenly, the devil began to speak to me and said you are very popular now, it is better to die when you are popular than wait till the time when they won’t like you anymore, it is honeymoon time for you, if you go now, it will be good.

And I knew it was the devil speaking and the word of God came out to me saying I will live; I will not die and I will declare the works of the Almighty God. Do you know that less than five minutes after that we nearly had a horrible accident? If the word of God has not come up to deal with the devil it would have finished me on the road at that time.

At that time the entire congregation of the Redeemed Christian church of God was less than one thousand. Suppose I had died then, look at what the devil saw and he wanted to prevent.

I am saying to every one of you here today, none of you will die; you will fulfill the purpose of God for your life.


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  1. Amen!
    PSALM 118:17= I shall not die but live, to declare God’s work and goodness.

    Daddy, we thank God for your life and the wonderful journey so far.
    We pray for more of God’s grace for you to finish well in Jesus mighty name.

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