Pastor Malachi Timothy

Location is a vital concept worthy of careful consideration for TOP oriented people. It is commonly said, “Your location determines your allocation.” There are elements of truth in this saying. Most opportunities come unannounced; what determines the beneficiary is simply the location.

Where are you?

This is a simple question God asked Pa Adam in the Garden of Eden. He could not provide a straight forward answer because he was in a wrong location.

Wrong location gives birth to excuses and excuses are symptoms of failure. When a man’s excuses exceed his execution, it’s a danger signal of wrong location.

Location, as used in this article, may not necessarily mean a physical position. It could be your position in:

• Acquiring knowledge. (Shallow or Deep?)

• Reasoning/thinking. (Negative or Positive?)

• Relationship. (Hostile or Friendly?)

• Giving. (Stingy or Generous?)

• Career building. (Stagnant or Growing?)

• Mannerism. (Rude or Courteous?)

• Christian race. (Backslidden or Upright?)

• The list continues… You can add your own.

We read in the Bible about Esther who became a Queen. The truth is that she was considered a queen because she was serving in the Palace. Remember she was a slave and an orphan for that matter, yet she positioned herself appropriately and the rest was a testimony. Wrong location is an insulator to good testimony. Examine your location.

Are opportunities passing you by in your place of work? You might need to check your position; make necessary adjustment and you will see God’s favour taking you to the TOP.

See you at the top!


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