Pastor J. F. Odesola
Pastor J. F. Odesola

Is your treasure on earth? That is where your heart will be. The Bible tells us to set our affections on things above and not on things beneath. This world is not our home. We are pilgrims, only passing through to our real and true destination. Whatever we acquire will be left here someday. Even while we are alive, the most cherished of our possessions will leave us hundreds and thousands of miles apart. For examples, our lovely children will leave us someday and get married. Some of them will live in another state of the country and others will live abroad.

Once upon a time, a pastor’s house was burgled by thieves, about six of them. They were armed to the teeth, with guns and other weapons. When they got in, the pastor said ‘you are welcome, I have been expecting you’. Taken back by the pastor’s statement, one of the thieves asked, ‘do you know us?’ The pastor replied, ‘my master told me you are coming. Well, I have $10,000 in the house and my car is in the garage. You can have them. Meanwhile, let me ask my wife whether she has any more money in the house so you can have it as well’.  He went inside his room and brought the $ 10,000 and the car key,

The thieves were thrown more into a maze of confusion. ‘You brought out your treasure personally rather than border us to ransack the house?’ The Pastor answered, ‘there is no need for you to ransack the house, my master has warned me not to keep my valuables here; in the house where thieves can break into’. Upon saying this, the thieves responded, ‘you are not the kind of person we should steal from. Please, close your doors as we leave’. Thank you’, the pastor said and added as they were about to leave, ‘but before I close my door, the master I am talking about is Jesus’. One of them replied, ‘I will come back next time to hear more about Jesus’. They left without hurting or stealing from him.

Where is your treasure: on earth or in heaven? Is it in God or in material things? In similar way, a man was attacked by armed robbers. They robbed him of his valuables. As they left in their car, the man attempted to pursue them. His treasure was on the material things the thieves stole. When they noticed he was on their trail, one of them shot him. He died immediately.

Whatever you achieve or acquire here will be left here. Be careful not to put your treasure here. There is no safety anywhere except in God. The 9/11 incidence in America is typical example. The world Trade Centre was brought down by terrorists. This WTC was a cynosure; a centre of attraction. There was no other more elevated building in the world.

When it was destroyed by terrorists, several people and valuables were destroyed as well. There is safety in only one place, the name of the Lord which is our strong tower.


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