The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, has disclosed that the Lord was yet to permit him to resign against his personal wishes.

Adeoye said this why conveying the decision of the Governing Council of the Church during the 70th Annual ministers’ conference that retirement age of ministers has been pegged to 70 flat.

Why explaining the reason he is still in active service at the age 80, he said,

“I wanted to retire at the age of 70. I had great plans for my retirement. I wanted to write a commentary of the Bible beginning from Genesis to as far as I can go before I die. I know God has given me the ability to take a verse of the Bible and almost write a book out of it.

“I wanted to sit down, no Divine Encounter, no Holy Ghost service, just wake up eat, if I retire then I’ll be able to be eating breakfast and then continue to be doing my work, my plan was the moment I clock 70, I would first of all travel for a 100-day. That I would buy a ticket or at least someone would be willing to buy me a ticket on a ship that would take me round the world and would spend the 100 days eating like nobody’s business, so that by the time I finish the 100 days you won’t even recognize me and then after that settle down and spend the rest of my life producing Good news of commentary on the Bible”, he stated.

The man of God said that while he was negotiating with God, He told him if he insists to quit, he will forfeit his two eyes.  

“I negotiated with my father in heaven, please Lord give me this, help me do this, I’m telling you the pulling here and there got to a stage where he told me loud and clear, that if you insist when I haven’t said so, you’ll lose your two eyes,  the General Overseer revealed.


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