Bro. Morakinyo Samuel

A man who identified self as Bro. Morakinyo Samuel from Ile-Ogbo, caused a stir at the November 2023 Holy Ghost Night of the Redeemed Christian church of God when he came on stage to give testimony but ended up putting a questionable question to the General Overseer, Pastor E. A. Adeboye on who to succeed him.

The young man who apparently was in his late 20s looked a bit disorientated and was the first person to be given the mircrophone when it came to testimony time at the service.

As he handled the microphone, he bursted into a worship song giving glory to God for the 70 years of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

He said, “I thank God for the RCCG how God has helped the ministry in the last 70 years. God has done great things in this mission.”

Rather than tell what God had done in his life, he said to the chagrin of all at the camp ground that he was directing his message to Pastor Adeboye.

He said, “My testimony is that, I’m directing my message to our Father-in-the-Lord. Our Father-in-the-Lord God has made him a vessel unto honour. Our testimony, my testimony is that God sent me to him that I should ask him where is the next chosen vessel unto honour?”

When it was apparent that he had no testimony and was bent on asking questions, the technical crew cut him off from the microphone.

He was subsequently ushered out of the place by two people.

The man who looked unruffled after the aborted delivery cooperated with the team of ushers who led him out of the platform.

His action caused a bit of stir and surprise, with many wondering what the testifier was up to.

It was not clear if the man was in the right frame of mind or that he deliberately set out, in conspiracy with some faceless individuals, to embarrass the church by his action.

The General Overseer however did not make reference to the action of the man when he eventually came up to deliver his sermon.

Many other testifiers however came up to share their testimonies

It is not clear how the man escaped screening before coming to share his ‘testimony’.

He probably lied about what he was going to say for him to have been given the permission to appear on the testimony platform.

However, some people are of the view that the young man might simply be acting on the emotional concerns raised by the national coordinator of Pastors’ Seed Family, Pastor Leke Adeboye, during the October 2023 International Youth Convention where he expressed his fear of what is likely to happen in post Adeboye era as General Overseer in view of the mighty development God has used him to attain within a reasonable time.

Leke’s words: “For my own personal self, it’s the fear, the fear is this. What will happen when you’re no longer here? I know that sometimes you see the foolishness in us and you keep silent about it, you see some of the decays in us, you don’t say anything about it. Our generation self-promote a lot, we don’t like sacrifices like you do, we sometimes like honour and respect, we don’t want any hardship we just want the rewards. We are not loyal. We jump from church to church, organisation to organization, some even jump to mosque and jump to other places. Some of us have multiple fathers any opportunity we get we kneel down, anoint me, bless me, impact me.”

Pastor Leke Adeboye and Pastor E. A. Adeboye

Responding, Pastor Adeboye assured the church that there is no reason to entertain any fear as God will perfect the rightful successor when the time comes.

He said: “I have good news for you because the fellow who represented the Pastors’ Seed practically brought down the Holy Spirit. I think there were very few dry eyes. Good news number 1, I’m not going anywhere yet. Number 2, you don’t have anything to worry about because where I stop is where you begin and you are all going to be greater than I. I know you ask the question the way things are going what is going to happen when you go…laughs… They were asking those questions when my Father-in-the-Lord was alive.  Every time we had a convention and everything went well, people will say, hmm, it’s good now what will happen when this old man will go.  My Father-in-the-Lord will say you haven’t seen anything yet, wait till you see what God will do. So I want to say like my Father-in-the-Lord used to say you haven’t seen anything yet.”


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