The demise of the former Foursquare General Overseer, Rev. Dr. Wilson Badejo has been described as a colossal loss to the body of Christ in Nigeria and oversea.

Badejo who was born in 1947 died on Saturday, August 7, 2021 at the age of 74 and buried on Friday October 8, 2021after a funeral service at the University of Lagos.

Rev. Olayemi Ayoko, Resident Pastor, Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria, National Headquarters in Lagos, shared that the late Rev. Badejo was the first to break barriers by taking the church beyond Lagos, south, the west and east to northern Nigeria.

He made known that the headquarters’ building was started during the veterinary doctor’s tenure as the G O, adding that he planted 100 churches.

Ayoko in his reaction stated: “We won’t sorrow like those who do not know Jesus. Despite that we mourn him because he has been our saviour for many years, over three decades. We are used to him, he has been our General Overseer here, we loved him passionately.

On what he or the church will miss about Badejo, he answered: “Which do we want to say? He was the one that started this building; he planted churches all over middle belt and the north. He was the first General Overseer to have planted 100 churches in Nigeria. Before he planted the churches, Foursquare at that time was only in Lagos, Middle Belt, Western Region and few in the east. We did not have strength in the north. He was the one that took the church from the West and saturated the Midwest and the north. He really had done so well for Foursquare.”


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