Pastor E. A. Adeboye

I have told you the story before. An in-law of mine, a very wealthy man; each time we went to see him, we would preach Jesus to him. And then, on one occasion we went to preach to him as usual. And he said to me: in-law! I said sir. He said follow me. I said yes sir. And he took me round his great mansion, and that mansion was great. He showed me freezers upon freezers. In some freezers: frozen fried turkey. In another: frozen fried lamb; in another: all manners of food.

By the time we went through the whole house, we came back to the living room, he said to me: in-law! I said sir. He said, you have Jesus? I said yes sir. He said, do you have all these? I said no sir. He said, go and talk to the poor – they are the one who need Jesus I don’t need Him. I said yes sir.

Six months later, I was still a lecturer at the University of Lagos then, I returned from the campus to see my in-law or somebody who look like my in-law in my living room.

The rosy cheek had collapsed; everything looking gone. I said in-law! He said, yes it is me. Haa! What happen? He said, the Accountant; the Internal Auditor; and I think the Secretary, colluded, they got him to sign a cheque. The cheque was signed, I think it was ten million pounds – it was those days of pounds; and then they added one zero.

And because the three of them who would share the money where together; they checked everything through, they collected the money and they left the country.

When the fraud was detected, my in-law was told – Sir, this is your signature! It is mine, he replied. Now, the point is not just getting the money back, it is that he is on his way to prison.

So, he said, I should pray for him and I said in whose name? He said Jesus. But you had said you did not Jesus. He said that was then!


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